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Is Your Car Prepared for Edmonton Winters

Basit Alqubaisi - Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Now that winter is in full swing in Edmonton, it’s time to start thinking about seasonal maintenance for your vehicle. Cars required different care and attention during the winter than in the summer—cold temperatures and seasonal weather conditions such as snow and ice can have adverse effects on your vehicle if you don’t take the proper care to keep your vehicle maintained. Here are the top 9 best tips for winter car maintenance to keep your car running smoothly all Alberta’s winter long.

1) If you park your vehicle outdoor, lift the wipers up so they don’t freeze. Don’t  put the wipers on while there is a snow or ice on the windshield,  wipers will get damage easily and that can be costly.

2)      Always make sure your vehicle has a block heater and its working, get in the habit of plugging your car overnight every night.

3)      It’s highly recommended to use synthetic oil for your car especially in winter as it’s more durable for cold weather.

4)      Keep snow brush inside your car all the time.

5)      Have a good set of winter tires, they make huge difference in handling

6)      Make sure your climate system is working properly and the heat is working. one more thing always keep the switch of the climate control on fresh air NEVER on Rec or recirculate as it will fog inside your vehicle.

7)      If you get stuck in the snow, try "rocking" back and forth between forward and reverse gears. Give it a little gas just as the vehicle starts to swing forward out of reverse.

8)      Get your cabin air filter changed, this is crucial for your health.

9)      Last not least get your vehicle ready for winter by taking it to any mechanic shop and ask them for winter maintenance package.

_ winter maintenance package will check all your fluid, tires, wipers, operation of your climate control, brakes, suspension and steering system, freezing point and quality of your glycol or engine coolant and your washer fluid, the operation of your block heater and install your winter tires or recommend selling you winter tires.

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